27 August, 2009

The 10th-Anniversary Stadium in Warsaw was built in 1955 from the rubble
of a war-devastated capital, and was to preserve Communisms good name for
forty years. In the early 1990s it fell into ruin, being revived by
Vietnamese and Russian traders, pioneers of capitalism. Since then the
Stadium and the open-air market surrounding it have become an Asian town,
a primeval garden, a realm of discount shopping, a storehouse of
biographies and urban legends, a spontaneous piece of Land-Art, or a work
camp for archaeologists and botanists. The heterotopic logic of the place
and its long-standing (non-)presence in the middle of Warsaw, inspired
Joanna Warszas curated series of live art projects The Finissage of
Stadium X and the related reader, Stadium X A Place That Never Was
(published by Ha!art and Bęc Zmiana Foundation).A Trip to Asia: An Acoustic Walk Around the Vietnamese Sector of the
10th-Anniversary Stadium by Anna Gajewska, Joanna Warsza and Ngo Van Tuong
(2006); Boniek!, a one-man re-enactment of the 1982 Poland-Belgium
football match by Massimo Furlan, with commentary by Tomasz Zimoch (2007);
or Radio Stadion Broadcasts by Radio Simulator and backyardradio (2008)
were subjective excursions undertaken by artists into the reality of a
Stadium no longer extant. The projects, of a participative and
semi-documentary nature, touched upon issues of memory, deterioration, or
the problematic exoticism of the place.Research trip of Joanna Warsza and Rene Wawrzkiewicz to Georgia and Armenia was made with the generous support of European Culture Foundation and Open Society Institute:www.eurocult.org, www.soros.org