8 October, 2014

Julia Buennagel - sculptor, sound performer and installation artist on October 8th in the studio of Art Laboratory Yerevan, has shown some of her artworks and her exhibition project - SUPER SONIC STRUCTURE.

After studying sculpting at the Art Academy Düsseldorf (1998-2006) under Anthony Cragg and Hubert Kiecol, she lives and works in Cologne, Germany. Through the International Exchange program of the Frauenkulturbüro NRW she lived and worked in September and October 2014 in Yerevan.

Julia Buennagel (*1977 in Haan) generates space with simple means. Her sculptures are spaces of possibilities, open modular structures based on the simple forms line, area and volume. They illustrate Julia Bünnagel's fascination with basic grit structures as well as her interest in architecture and urbanity.
She is captivated by architecture, utopias from Babylon to Tatlin and science fiction. Her sculptures also lend themselves to be interpreted as imaginary drafts for a higher city or floating space station.