3 December, 2009

A slideshow of the journey of Gaea Schoeters and Trui Hanoulle
2 girls. 2 motorbikes. 7 months. 9 muslim countries. 30.000 kilometres. A journey through Turkey, Iran, Central-Asia & Arabia.

The Art School of Mekhitar Sebastaci Educational Complex
Address: Raffi str. 69/13th of December, at 5pm

‘With the motorbike to Iran? Two girls? Isn’t that dangerous? Why on earth there?’ The short answer: out of curiosity. Because we don’t believe muslim countries are any more dangerous then other.In 1939 two Swiss writers, Annemarie Schwarzenbach and Ella Maillart, board a Ford and drive to Afghanistan. Nearly 70 years later we follow their trail. And find surprisingly little change in this world.For seven months two Belgian girls and two sturdy Suzuki’s travelled east. Our journey took us through nothing but muslim countries, all totally different in spirit and landscape.In Iran, Central-Asia and the Arabian Peninsula we collected the answers to the questions we’d always wanted to ask. Is it madness to drive through muslim countries as a woman, or actually easier then a sunday ride in Italy? How do you wear a headscarf under a helmet? Is riding bikes in more than 50 degrees a wise thing to do? Is Iranian traffic really the worst in the world, or can we find a nation that beats them?Come and see. A travel story.

Trui Hanoulle (49)Graphic designer & self-made photographer, fictionaly married. Motorbike experience: 14 years, > 350.000 kilometres. Useful knowledge: good mechanic. Basic Russian. Notions of the world (geographically, historically, culturally, flora). Special qualities: concrete health. Good negotiator. Doesn’t nag after 10 hours of riding. Heat resistant. Waterproof. Wild camper. Best map reader in the world. Annoying flaws: loses something every day. Arachnophobic. Main asset: woman.

Gaea Schoeters (33)Freelance journalist and story writer, fictionaly married. Motorbike experience: 8 years, > 125.000 kilometres. Useful knowledge: common sense. Basic Russian. Notions of the world (psychologically, socially, literary, fauna). Special qualities: good planner. Doesn’t nag after 10 hours of riding. Cold resistant. Waterproof. Talks to anyone. Good camping cook. Built-in GPS track back function. Bambi look. Finds all things lost. Annoying flaws: cardboard health. Fear of heights especially in the mountains. Main asset: woman.