16 March, 2010 - 26 March, 2010

March 8 is not the only Day of Struggle for Women’s’ Rights.On social, cultural, political and everyday life levels the struggle is daily.Each artwork of artists participating in present exhibition is a view alien to the patriarchal society. It presents another step on the way towards breaking the established stereotypes and notions. It is an attempt of working out new forms of communication where woman’s speech, opinion and position are important and significant.This exhibition is opposed to the depleted traditions of organizing women’s exhibitions and women’s art presentations which are adopted in Armenia and where the majority of the participants are fully affirming the male point of view at themselves according to which woman is a representative of “the softer sex”.In contrast to such opinion the participants of the present project are questioning the social marks of power, authority and woman’s role.The artists participating in the exhibition are working in educational system thus combining this job with the creative one and passing their experience, views and perceptions to the new generation.Sona Abgaryan, Susan Amudjanyan, Tsomak, Manan Torosyan, Karine MatsakyanCurator: Eva KhachatryanOpening: 16.03.2010 at 17:00Duration: 16.03 – 26.03.2010Suburb Cultural CenterArt School, Mekhitar Sebastatsi Educational ComplexAddress: Raffi str. 69/1