4 June, 2009 - 7 June, 2009

Suburb Cultural center presents 4days program of films by
Danielle Vallet Kleiner

5.06.09 -Chemins qui ne mènent nul part 64’00
6.06.09 -Istanbul Helsinki (La Traversée du Vide)-1994-1997, 43’00 (Presented at
Documenta 10)
7.06.09 -Escape from NY (1998-2001, 60’00)
8.06.09 -Depuis ce Temps (2007, 4’00) et Gostland(2008, 8’00)

At the end of the Eighties, Danielle Vallet Kleiner engages in prolonged interventions in the urban environment. Choosing abandoned places (railroad), buildings dedicated to the destruction or temporarily unoccupied (church, cinema, swimming pool), she completes a work of marking or covering with the silver foil, which redraws and transfigures the invested sites. These actions are filmed and photographed to give place to photo-video works. At the beginning of the Nineties, Danielle Vallet Kleiner starts traveling in Asia, Eastern European countries and in the United States. From now on these displacements structure a works privileging in film and photography. If the routes are defined by geopolitical data (Paris-Berlin-Vilnius, Istanbul-Helsinki), they also outlined by subjective dimension and a personal history. They permit the artist to undertake a research on time and on it perception, the limits and the borders of a physical as well as mental space.